“It’s all in the Box”

Lab Box USA is a service provider for all aspects and types of coating lab equipment, with a combined total of  30+ years of experience working all over the world on a vast selection of OEM equipment.

Leybold   Satis   Zeiss   Denton   Balzers   Optimal   Filmetrics   Veeco

With 1000’s of hours spent maintaining and troubleshooting equipment for OEM’s, large corporations and independent labs, our engineers have built an industry standard reputation for quality, reliability and dependability, whilst being affordable and efficient.


  • Emergency service calls
  • Training
  • Move machines
  • Install machines
  • upgrades
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Employee vacation/sickness stand in coverage
  • AR Process repair and installation
  • Lab audits, root cause analysis with 8D reports
  • Dip coating systems
  • Clean lines
  • AR coating
  • New and used equipment reviews and buying service
  • Consumables and spare parts supply management


  • No profit travel costs
  • Favorable labor rates
  • Quick turnaround
  • Very efficient
  • Fully transparent
  • Extremely flexible
  • No hassle service agreements
  • Fast easy to understand quotes

“Let Lab Box USA be your preferred service provider”

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