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Ultra Top Coat

Hydrophobic and Oleophobic coatings have been around for a while in the AR market but haven’t really kept up with new technologies and advancements like in the hand-held device market, so we thought we might change that..

Lab Box USA partnered with unique manufacture to bring you Ultra Top Coat UTC, a super Hydrophobic/Oleophobic blended to feel slicker, repel water and fingerprints better than ever, will edge without a worry,  is a breeze to clean and will actually last the life of the prescription while maintaining a contact angle of 120Deg.

  • Classic: smaller chamber applications single side
  • Infinity: larger chamber applications or two sides

Multi format: Copper Cup Boat and Ceramic or Metallic Pill



Ultra High Quality Quartz Crystals

    • UHQ Quartz Crystals
      When it comes to Crystals there can be no compromise. Every layer of every run needs to be error free and copy exact each time.
      That’s why we teamed up with the very best manufacture in the business. Unique proprietary manufacturing in a class 1000 cleanroom with a sophisticated QA system that is extremely accurate every time.
      Sound like something you want to be a part of?  so did we!

Welcome to UHQ Crystals.

  • Gold , Alloy, Silver 6Mhz inficon style




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